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Intangible cultural heritage includes all practices and imaginaries, forms of expression and everything related to knowledge and experiences. This definition can be broadened to also express the production of a popular group, in its two components: the material and the intangible, which can be united in some forms of expression, such as customs, traditions, crafts, music or even beliefs that rely on orality and action at the same time (Miliani, 2013).

 “Turath” is a biannual scientific journal published as part of valorising the research conducted by the Centre of Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Years after the publication of the book series “Turath”, which has been dedicated to studies and documents on the Algerian and Maghrebi cultural heritage, researchers and the initiators of its publication believe that the time has come to give these publications a permanent institutional character.

The aim of the journal is to offer a framework for reflection and study of intangible cultural productions in their anthropological, cultural, artistic, linguistic, architectural and historical dimension to make of it an academic space that offers the reader a ...

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